was founded in 1992 by musicians from various leading orchestras in Austria, who made it their mission to familiarize a broader public with the trombone as an instrument for chamber music.
Following this ideal with continued success, the quartet is now made up exclusively of members of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Rooted in the same schooling, they bring both their orchestral and their ensemble playing a shared mindset as well as a coherent approach emphasizing both the traditional and the modern. It is thanks to this mutual background that these four trombonists achieve such an exceptional degree of unity and integrity in their artistry, fulfilling the VTQ`s original concept with even greater success.

...astonishing diversity of colours, precise intonation and technical virtuosity...

Fabio Luisi, conductor

...a delight for friends of brass and quartet music....

Valentin Erben, cellist of the Alban Berg Quartet

... the brilliance and tonal breadth of colours impressed me beyond belief...

Franz Welser-Möst, conductor